Contuo Desk: Why Using Adjustable Height Desk

You may often find yourself slightly hunched over when you stand up from your writing desk after a long day of proofreading and editing.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate more standing and movement into your day is to start using a Adjustable Height Desk at work. After all, the workday accounts for at least 8 hours of sitting every day. A sit-stand desk is a height adjustable desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing at your desk while you work. There are countless health benefits of using a sit-stand desk, but here are some important:

Reduced Back Pain And Fatigue

You may often find yourself slightly hunched over when you stand up from your writing desk after a long day of proofreading and editing.

However, you're less likely to hunch over a computer screen with bad posture while standing.

The National Library of Medicine reported on a 2014 study wherein office workers intermittently stood to work, resulting in reduced fatigue and musculoskeletal pain and discomfort in overweight and obese workers. The fatigue score was markedly higher during the seated phases of the study.

Height-adjustable desks improve well-being

In one seven-week study, users of height-adjustable desks were said to have experienced less stress and fatigue compared to those who worked seated every day.

Moreover, 87 percent of those who were asked to use standing desks said they felt more energetic overall.

Conversely, when they were asked to go back to their old work desks, their moods dropped, returning to the levels they felt prior to the study.

The results of this research confirm the connection between a sedentary lifestyle and a higher risk of suffering from depression and anxiety.

Improve Mental Focus

Moving enhances the creation of new brain cells, improving critical thinking and focus.

Improve Your Mood

Those who sit for more than six hours per day show more signs of psychological distress than those who sit less. Standing at your desk has been shown to improve your mood and reduce depression, fatigue, and tension.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Increased blood sugar levels are on the rise in a sedentary work world where pot lucks are commonplace.

The National Library of Medicine shared an article that shows positive results on blood glucose levels and responses for workers introduced to a hybrid sitting and standing work environment instead of their ordinarily desk-based work conditions.

Improved Productivity

All that extra positive energy translates to more productivity or more words for your next novel, short story, blog post, or white paper.

You name the genre, style, format, or publishing venue; you can do it when you are up on your feet, feeling good and energized.

When you mix sitting and standing time, you give yourself a chance to recover when sitting and stay energized while standing.

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