About Petatet

Our journey has began after Lisa saw a picture of of this puppy on Facebook

This poor pup was found in a shoe box in the dumpster in Puerto Rico. Five days later we opened our doors to a new family member. Love and patience transformed this poor soul into a wonderful jam

The rest is history. We were blessed to meet a group of likeminded people, whose mission in life was to help deprived, abundant and abused animals. At first we we were a group of enthusiasts, spending every spare dollar and any free moment of the day helping animals. The geography of our rescue efforts grew. Now We have partners in Russia, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Kuwait. From kitchen table operation we became Petatet Rescue Group, a nonprofit chapter 503 (c) charitable organization. With the help of our wonderful partners we find homeless or abused animals, many come from kill shelters, provide medical treatment, organize temporary housing, find adoption families and transport pets from all over to their new homes. We have a great network of foster families. We are creating a community of passionate enthusiasts through our network. Please meat our team:

Lisa Shabelskiy

Larisa Rabkin

Inna Konyavsky

Katarina Lemberg-Altshuler

Kseniya Aizenberg Freda- our partner at Dire Straits Paws rescue

Irina Vlasova - Our partner at Good World Animal Rescue and Protection

We are proud to have our supporters and volunteers around the globe, and together we can accomplish what one can dream about!