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League of Legends is not and has never been a game that provides immediate signs of progress. In being a free-to-play game, there is inherently a grind that is associated with it

League of Legends is not and has never been a game that provides immediate signs of progress. In being a free-to-play game, there is inherently a grind that is associated with it. The grind may appear in different forms, but the road to long-term rewards remains in place all the same. In relation to this, League of Legends has a leveling system for all players.

Leveling a new account is intended to act as the means by which a newcomer learns the game and prepares him or herself for the more intensive features of League of Legends. While the verdict is still out as to how well leveling prepares players, it is a part of the game that will most likely never go away and can be exploited to reach ranked play as soon as possible. If you are a new player or are leveling a new account for smurfing purposes, then it is important to know How to Level Up Fast in League of Legends. If you take advantage of these methods, you will start climbing those levels much faster than normal and be well on your way to reaching the end game.

Win More Games

If you don’t want to spend money buying a league of legend’s account, there are many other things that you can do to level up faster. Winning more games can help you level up faster, but what do you have to do to win more games?

League of Legends is fun to play, but not one of the easiest to play. To increase the chances of winning more games, you should play with bots very fast. Don’t start by playing with your friends. Some of them might lower your chances of winning. They might not only be less skilled in playing video games, but they will also go AFK at some point, leaving you in a worse situation. Playing against bots will save you time and nerves. When playing against bots, always aim at finishing the game as soon as possible.

Team Up to Reach Level 30 Even Faster

If you happen to have a few friends that are looking to level up their smurf accounts super fast then this is also a great strategy. Depending on how many friends you have, you can look to play against bots or each other.

The fastest way to level 30 would be to have a full team of friends that can finish a bot match as soon as possible. By having your friends play instead of random people will mean you have better teamwork overall as you’re all playing to achieve the same goal, leveling up faster.

If you continuously use this strategy, then you will be able to get a win in around 10 minutes, which is a lot faster than normal games. The only downside to this method is you’ll have to hope your friends are as determined as you and don't quit after a few matches.

Use the Force

When playing against bots, it’s important to make sure you have the right summoner spells. There’s no point having cleanse and smite if you’re looking to finish the match in record time. Obviously, you won’t have all the summoner spells available to you when you first start out, but it’s still good to plan in advance.

The best summoner spells would be Teleport and Ignite as they help reduce travel times across the map and increase damage. As soon you recall back to the shop you can just instantly teleport back into lane to kill some more enemies. Ignite also helps you secure kills. When on low HP bots are known to run away. It can be very frustrating when they get away on 1 HP. To stop that from happening, make sure you take Ignite to secure the kill and get the extra gold.

The worst summoner spells would be Smite, Cleanse, and Flash as you won’t be playing jungle in bot games and the others add no benefit to your gameplay.

You might be thinking why no flash? The bots are very predictable, and you can tell exactly where they are going to go. If you manage to get one to low HP, it will start to run back up its lane. If you chase after it, the chances are you are going to die to the tower due to your level.

So why take Flash? Are you going to Flash into the tower? Not a good idea. Instead get Ignite and watch them burn. It’s much safer and stops them from getting away. Interested in what summoner spell unlocks at what level? Check out this handy chart.

Purchase Experience Boosts

A boost will increase the amount of EXP you will be earning at the end of every match that you play. League of legends has two types of boost: the Win and the Duration boost. You can purchase any of them using Riot points in the Riot store. You will have to spend real-world currency to get Riot points.

Duration boost doubles the amount of EXP the player earns from a game, while Win Boost adds a healthy 250 EXP on top of every match the player plays. Duration boost will last for some hours while Win boosts are only applicable when the player wins a match. Boosting the amount of EXP you are earning from every match that you play will help you level up much faster.

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